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Biography of Aldila Sutjiadi - Indonesian Tennis Hero (First Part)

Biography of Aldila Sutjiadi - Indonesian Tennis Hero (First Part)

ayotenis, Jakarta, March 22, 2020 - Gisela Aldila Sutjiadi or better known as Aldila Sutjiadi is one of the best female tennis players ever owned by Indonesia. This beautiful lady was born in Jakarta and likes tennis from an early age. With the full support of her parents, she began to pursue tennis at the KTKG club (Kampus Tenis Kelapa Gading or Kelapa Gading Tennis Campus) headed by one of Indonesian tennis legends, Hadiman.

The beginning of Aldila Sutjiadi in tennis is inseparable from the story of her two siblings who had already been involved in tennis, including his father. 

Starting from the desire of her father, Indriatno Sutjiadi, who directed his eldest son, Adrianus Jonathan Amdanu Sutjiadi, to start learning tennis at the age of seven, it was intended only so that Aldila's eldest brother fills his free time after school to avoid unhealthy society.

Like a tit for tat, Danu is Jonathan Amdanu nick name, was interested in learning tennis. His ability to play tennis is quite prominent, even in a relatively short time, his coach promoted him in the KTKG elite group. Since then, Danu as a junior tennis player started plays across various junior tennis tournaments and was quite respected by his opponents.

Danu's achievements were quite outstanding when he was a junior, as evidenced he was selected as a national player in the age group of 14 under and 16 under. Jonathan even had a sporsorship for several weeks tournament to go to Europe from the ATF/ITF (Asian Tennis Federation/International Tennis Federation).

There is a little story when Jonathan was about to be sent to Europe by the ATF. At that time, the man who was born on March 21, 1986 was still in grade 8 at one of the middle schools in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta. Because he would be going to Europe for several weeks, Indriatno applied for a special dispensation permit from the School Principal. However, instead of being supportive or at least a pleasant answer he received, Indriatno got a rather curt answer with the word "whatever" from the school principal.

Facing this fact, Indriatno felt very disappointed. Since then, he has never again asked or submitted any permission to the school principle but chosed through the homeroom teacher who has been supporting Danu. The homeroom teacher also briefly revealed that the school principal intended to expel Danu from the school, but she prevented it.

Not stopping there, when he graduated from middle school, Indriatno tried to enroll Danu in High School (SMA) in the same Foundation as Danu's Middle School, but was not accepted. Even though Danu has an above average rank in the class when compared to his friends. Eventually Indriatno decided to put Danu in one of the schools that support athletes activity, namely Jubilee High School in the Sunter area, North Jakarta.

Achievement after achievement seemed to be inscribed continuously by Danu in the arena of national junior competition. But the father realized how tight competition was in men's tennis sector at the world level. With these considerations, he made the decision to send the eldest sons to the United States and got a scholarship at the University of Chicago. A few years later Jonathan graduated with Cum Laude achievement.

Aldila Sutjiadi
Aldila Sutjiadi

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